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Lisa Seif (Addiction Specialist) brings heart, soul and strategy in her work. Sharing messages of hope, inspiration and love to reach the masses. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her and her team are blessed to have their unique combination of skills and powerful sense of purpose as an antidote to the tired, old school methods of addressing and understanding Alcoholism and Addiction that we are still so prevalent today. Here's to a new era of understanding, teaching and connecting with heart and respect! Thank you Lisa Seif for your dedication to this mission.

Ed Landers, Owner WEOA AM:FM

I know of very few people who are as effective as is Lisa Seif in breaking down banters and creating positive relationships with teens. This unique ability permits Lisa Seif to affect positive change in youth who previously could not be reached.

Steve. W. Fritz E.V.S.C Administrator (Retired)Administrator (Retired)

Lisa Seif has a strong passion for young people and a sincere interest in addressing our community's youth substance abuse issue. She is an excellent public speaker and utilizes this skill well with other adults, parents and children. She is called upon for school and public presentations.

William G. Wooten M.D.

I have known Lisa Seif for several years and most recently spoke at a state conference, with her. Our topic was entitled 'WHAT DOES LAW HAVE TO DO WITH IT. As with all my contacts with Lisa Seif, she did a great job. Lisa Seif is an incredible motivator and works tremendously with kids

Brett J. Neimeier, Judge
Vanderburgh Superior Court- Juvenile Division

If it weren't for Lisa Seif's compassion and caring for my daughter I do not know where my daughter would be today. Her efforts are indeed tireless.

Boys and Girls Club
Man/Women & Youth Award

Winston Churchill said it best: "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." There is one among your nominees who not only has made a life, but more importantly, has given life to many in our community - female and male, people of all colors, young and old, weak and strong, rich and poor. She is sincerely and unselfishly interested in those she meets. When you talk with her, you quickly realize she truly listens to what you say and that she cares about your happiness and well-being. She values each troubled person she meets, not for what they are or where they may be, but for what they can become. She recognizes the worth of each soul, even if everyone else cannot or has given up. If one defines integrity as what you do when no one is looking, then, she has integrity. There is nothing materially to distinguish her. She can, and does daily, offer her humor, friendship, love, compassion and passion to those in need. In short, she has made a life by what she gives.

To those who know her, appreciate her efforts to help those who suffer from the ravages of addiction. She understands that addiction is an escape form which there is no escape. She is no stranger to the personal pain and suffering that follows addiction. She has used the tragedy of her addiction and the excruciatingly difficult experience and understanding of her recovery to help countless others. She willingly gives a part of herself to each who asks. She, quite literally, saves and rebuilds lives.

Thank you for caring about those who help make our lives and communities better.

Judge Keith A. Meier